This movie is in many ways larger than life.

Yamagishi doesn't loose sleep on structure. He doesn't dance around big feelings or silly puns.

That's what's so great about his movies! He wants to entertain people, and he goes straight for it with no holds barred.

Mamoru Oshii


"Patlabor", "Ghost in the Shell"





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May 16 thru May 29

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May 22 thru May 29

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May 29 thru June 4

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Advance Tickets: 1,500 JPY

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June 13 thru June 19

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June 20, 21

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In 2015, Tokyo theater troupe 6BanCEED approached indie film team Project Yamaken, led by director Kentaro Yamagishi, with a mission: to make "the coolest anniversary video of any Japanese theater group ever!" So they did, in the form of a 3-minute-long fake trailer for a Hollywood style action film in which each troupe member had a fascinating character to play.
The trailer was shown at a 6BanCEED anniversary performance, and the fans went wild. They wanted to see the full movie. And they were willing to help make it.
So, a unique production plan for the "D Project" was made...a 120 minute feature film, written by 6BanCEED's own Yoichi Matsumoto, would be cut into 4 shorts, each to be filmed AND screened within half a year. The proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales would become the budget for the next part. In this way, the film could be produced without crowd funding or the involvement of sponsors. 6BanCEED rallied 140 actors, many from the vibrant Tokyo theater scene, and fans helped out as extras and staff.
Finally, after two years, all parts were filmed. The complete movie will be released under the title "Deep Logic" in theaters from January 18, 2020.


Failed musician Todo meets and falls head over heels for a sweet street musician named Kuryu who - as it turns out - is being followed not only by a journalist, terrorists, and the police, but even by the Japanese Prime Minister himself.
While trying to find out what dangerous secret Kuryu is hiding, Todo lands in the middle of a vortex of power and intrigue that threatens not only his own life but the lives of millions of people.



Shun Todo
Mina Kuryu
Anon Shiina
Kanehisa Tsuchiya
Chief Inspector Tsuchiya
Miki Udagawa



Kentaro Yamagishi

His first feature film "The Memory Stealers" (2007) was nominated at the 11th Shanghai International Film Festival, and his 2012 short "Tokyo Mukokuseki Shojo (Nowhere Girl)" was remade as a feature-length film by none other than legendary director Mamoru Oshii. His movies combine stylish action and entertainment, and have garnered many prizes at film festivals all over the world. His latest feature is "Pumpkin Girls" (2018).

Screenplay & Producer

Yoichi Matsumoto

Script Writer, Theater Director, Leader of Tokyo theater troupe "6BanCEED".
Since his writer/director debut in 1999 with the play "Hotel New Hampshire, Room 206", he is known for his high-tempo, precisely structured scripts, and thoughtful depiction of characters. His more than 50 works span different genres and mediums, and include, among others, "The Voice Actors", "Life is Numbers", "Into the desert, Mercenaries!", and "Rouge in Solitary" (won at Ikebukuro Play Festival).

Producer & Gaffer

Christin Schlothauer

Originally from Germany, she joined Yokohama independent film team Project Yamaken in 2009 as gaffer, later becoming the group's producer. Her works as producer include "Mandanke" (2015), "Alice in Deadly School - agitato" (2017), and "Zomeki no kuni" (2019). The short "Jizo" (2019) marks her debut as screenwriter.


Ryota Horii

He composed the music for all "D Project" installations. As a dark ambient artist, he composes for films and commercials. In recent years, he has drawn inspiration from orchestral and experimental music he encountered in Germany. Through his own interpretation thereof he creates a unique modern sound.
He is influenced by artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sigurros.

Yasuhiro Higuchi
Lil' Higuchi
Kazuyuki Ozawa
Prime Minister Ozawa
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